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Alteon Restructures Operations to Enhance its Global Training Network

 SEATTLE, Aug. 20, 2007 —Alteon Training, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Boeing Company (NYSE: BA), today announced it will open a new training center in Shanghai which will house the first Boeing 787 full-flight simulator in China in partnership with Shanghai Airlines.  Further restructuring efforts include redistributing training devices and closing four of its aviation training centers worldwide.  The reallocation will better serve Alteon customers with training capabilities located near customer bases. 

 The 787 full-flight simulator with complete Boeing 787 training services including flight and maintenance training, will be operational in the first half of 2008.  Alteon training in Shanghai will commence by the end of 2007 with placement of a 757/767 full flight simulator.

 To accommodate the reallocation of equipment, Alteon will close training centers in Long Beach, Calif. and Dallas, Texas in the United States, as well as a center in Kunming, China, by the end of 2007.  A training center in Luton, United Kingdom will close in mid-2008.  In addition, Alteon will retire underutilized and inefficient devices throughout its system to optimize its global training network.

 This restructuring expands training capability at Alteon training centers in Miami, Florida and Seattle, Washington in the United States, as well as Gatwick and Manchester in the United Kingdom. 

  “By placing the right training devices in the right locations, Alteon is better able to provide the highest quality and best value in training for our customers while positioning the company to support our customers’ future needs,” said Sherry Carbary, president of Alteon Training.

 The restructuring, which will not impact Boeing's financial guidance, comes as a result of a study that analyzed numerous business models to determine how to best serve Alteon’s customers. 
 “This move underscores Alteon’s commitment to provide unsurpassed training through long-term customer partnerships, instructor excellence, and the most strategic training network in the world,” said Carbary.

 Alteon Training is the world’s aviation training partner of choice and the industry leader in providing airline-focused aviation training solutions. The company provides its partners an expanding and integrated services portfolio that includes flight, technical and cabin-crew training.

 Alteon is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Boeing Company within Boeing Commercial Airplanes' Commercial Aviation Services group. The training organization supports the world's aviation community operating more than 80 full flight simulators in 20 locations on 6 continents.


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